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December 2004 Bah Humbug Requires Acrobat Reader.
Secularism has taken a grip on religious liberties. Reference to God is stripped from public life even in the holy season of Christmas! But read accounts of how many are demanding their religious freedom back.
November 2004 Deadly Designers Requires Acrobat Reader.
To map a culture as disdainful of life as ours go back to William Occam for examples of philosophers, scientists and world leaders who contributed to the devaluing of human life. Read about these "coffin builders" and their deadly agenda.
October 2004 Primary Colors Requires Acrobat Reader.
Explore America's political history and constant divide in politics and how it applies to the 2004 election. The conflict between liberal America vs. conservative now reackes beyond politics. The report exposes the great divide and its effects on our country from Washington to Hollywood.
September 2004 World Series of Books Requires Acrobat Reader.
A well-recommended list of recent books from faith and culture to government and history.
August 2004  The Shroud of Bernardin Requires Acrobat Reader.
The late Cardinal Bernardin’s seamless garment proved to be a dangerous cloak for pro-abortion Catholics to hide behind.
July 2004 Bruised Apples Requires Acrobat Reader.
Tracing the roots of modernism and liberalism to the French Enlightenment, this article sites graphic warnings by recent popes up to John Paul II on modern dangers to Christianity.
June 2004 Real Men Have Character Requires Acrobat Reader.
Modern society is in need of men with character. Radical feminism has created men who don’t know how to be men.
April 2004 The Jesus Question Requires Acrobat Reader.
Who is Jesus? Excerpts from history, presidents, Freud, old Hollywood are here. Mel Gibson now gives the world his answer to the Jesus Question.
March 2004 Thoroughly Modern Marriage Requires Acrobat Reader.
Traditional marriage is under assault! Learn how and what you can do to stop the degradation of marriage.
February 2004 Birthmark Catholics Requires Acrobat Reader.
Brief history of anti-Catholicism in the U.S., including the current attacks such as the” Da Vinci Code” book with over 6 million copies sold.
January 2004 Fatal Tapestry Requires Acrobat Reader.
Tracing, eugenics, the science of Hitler, Sanger and others, from 1883 to today. Weaving a tapestry of egotism, pragmatism, violent death.
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