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December 2005  A Roman Holiday--Global Persecution of the Catholic Church Insights into the 2000-year persecution of the Catholic Church, including the 20th century Islam persecution of Christianity, especially in the mid-east and Africa.

November 2005 A Horse and Carriage The marriage Faith and Scientific Reason--You cannot have one without the other. It is incumbent upon men and women to use reason, tempered by faith, in search of the truth.

October 2005  The City of God: Cultural Conflict in a World of Contradiction A trio of Popes: Pius IX, Pius X, and Pius XI warned us of the dangers of modernism, freemasonry, secularism, Communism and Darwinism which abolished the moral necessity for a Divine Creator.

September 2005  The Best and the Brightest

Our annual list of recommended books on subjects of concern, categorized for easy reference: Faith, Government, History & Culture. See your local bookstore, order from publisher, or find the books in your library.

August 2005  40 Shades of Green: The Rise of Radical of Environmentalism

The environmental movement has fostered much fear and anxiety throughout our society. The lure of money and public pressure to accept global warming has turned too many scientists and their media allies into a casserole of Chicken Littles.

July 2005  A Premature Demise

The Revival of Communism South of the Border--Hard facts: Castro is one of the wealthiest men in the world; Castro is Hollywood's favorite dictator; Marxist regimes are stabilizing in Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, returning to Nicaragua and more.

June 2005  Flip Side

The Primary focus of the culture of death is abortion and its flip side, euthanasia. These twin killers are intent on attacking God's most important creation, namely humans made in His image. The Terri Shiavo Case is an example of how the country is failing its test to protect those who are most vulnerable.

May 2005  20-20 Vision

Sister Lucia of Fatima is considered by many as possibly the most important person in the 20th century's historic struggle against world Communism. Read why.

April 2005  Our Founding Father

A chronology of the Catholic Church's American historical roots under the unique direction of Fr. John Carroll. A genius for organization and diplomacy, Fr. Carroll (later the first Bishop in America) set a precedent for cordial relations between the government and the church cemented by a close association with Presidents Washington and Jefferson.

March 2005  The Walls of Jericho

As Hollywood has torn down the curtain of modesty and sexual restraint, its portrayal of Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent research and perverted dedication to aberrant sexual behavior is a whitewash in the film Kinsey.

February 2005  Faulty Towers

Chronicles the tragic transformation of Catholic college campuses from religious pursuits to centers of hedonistic secularism. The Cardinal Newman Society's recent summary offers positive solutions and hope for the future of Catholic colleges.

January 2005  The Meaning of Is
Deconstruction leads to doubt, despair, nihilism and eventually death. The teachings of the Gospels and the theological virtues are powerful weapons that Catholics and like-minded Christians must use to give hope, certainty, and life.
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