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  December 2006 The Manger and the Cross: The Real Meaning of Christmas
The importance of keeping Christ in Christmas is explained; you are encouraged to oppose the deliberate godless assaults.
  November 2006 A Brief Candle: Illegal Immigration's Threat to America's Existence
A thorough summary of Patrick Buchanan's new book on the Third World invasion of America, accompanied by drug smuggling, human trafficking, and gang-related violence.
  October 2006 Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Myths, Lies, and Falsehoods
The "embryonic stem cell" exposition in this Report is extremely important.  It concerns the killing of the human life embryo in order to cure a disease But the success rate of cure is ZERO!  Don't be fooled, misled, intimidated by big names, big money, big frauds.
  September 2006 Let's Hit The Books!
Our annual list of recommended reading on subjects of concern covers a wide range of topics: Faith, History, Culture, and Government categorized for easy reference.  This list has become a popular guide for our subscribers.

  August 2006  The Stygian Lifeboat: On the River of Moral Relativism
The highly touted field of embryonic stem cell research is years behind where scientists thought it was, as a result of the Dr. Hwang's hoax.  Also, the serious moral question is the "new ethic" being used, namely "the end justifies the means".

  July 2006  The Marxist Attack on America's Cherished Symbols
Most Americans respect and cherish their religious and patriotic symbols.  But today as never before there is an ongoing, vicious assault led by the ACLU to eliminate and destroy these endearing symbols

   June 2006 The Hollywood Gospel: And its war on American Culture
Don't check your Catholic principles at the box office!

   May 2006  The DaVinci Code Code as a Symbol of Anti-Catholic Bigotry: The Meetinghouse
Dissects the book and movie, pointing out the author’s attempts to radically alter the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ life, death and Resurrection. We are challenged to know and defend the faith.

  April 2006 Broken Stained-Glass Windows: The Dangers of Catholic Apathy Contains a powerful litany of problems within the Catholic Church, which concerned CMF members must pray and work for a solution. 

March 2006  Designer Religion: The New American Religion of Choice

The New American Religion of Choice. “If it feels good, do it.” “The sense of the sacred is transferred to the human body.” “Under freedom of conscience anything goes.” Yet a truly religious person cannot serve both God and Mammon. 

  February 2006  Sounds of Silence: The Symbolic Persecution of Pius XII Documentation of Pius XII’s heroic efforts against Nazism and his major support in saving over half a million Jews from the death camps.

  January 2006  The Road to Rome: The Education of Joseph A. Ratzinger
There are contrasts and similarities between the charismatic Pope John Paul II and the new Pope Benedict XVI. Each was nurtured on the full teachings of the Catholic faith; each matured with strong orthodoxy and unwavering love of the Catholic Church.

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