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December 2007  The Interior Cross: Mother Teresa and Her Dark Night of the Soul
Take a realistic, theological view of what it means to be saintly, or a saint. Mother Teresa’s much discussed book, Come Be My Light puts into perspective her life, suffering and torments of the soul and shows that her spiritual darkness was the supreme test of faith.

  November 2007 The Bassinet and the Ballot: Islam Cultural Invasion of the West
Traces the centuries-long spread of Islam around the world, Muslim demographic and political trends that have turned European culture upside-down, affecting American culture, even religious beliefs. Challenges the West to resist Muslim imperialism through strong leadership and a re-affirmation of Christian values.
  October 2007 An Olympic Warning: The Ominous Relationship Between the United States and China  
Examines the method and motives of communist China government’s disregard for human standards and business ethics; safety and health violations resulting in almost daily recalls of a variety of products, continuing religious/ moral /political oppression, development of cyberspace weaponry, should cast a pall on the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  September 2007 A Harvest of Books
A list of 22 CMF-recommended books catergorized under Faith, Government, History and Culture and for easy reference; also includes the current roster of radio stations airing our Dangers of Apathy radio program.
  August 2007  The Politics of Faith: Liberation Theology and Latin America
Traces the history of Liberation Theology from "enlightened" European thinking and theology to its spread in the 60's and its adaptations in Latin America, already beset with many other menacing cultural problems; the Gospels are politicized to the extent that the poor are offered solutions of conflict and armed revolution, with or without Jesus Christ.
  July 2007  Baby Steps: The North American Union and Global Governance
Incremental behind-the scenes steps toward global governance are threatening our national sovereignty; European Union was a stealth campaign, should be a warning for U.S. Yet NAFTA paved the way for even worse outcomes, the North American Union and the North American Highway which will virtually eliminate our borders.
  June 2007  Global Warming: The End of Civilization?
...provides scientific history of climate change cycles which refute the apocalyptic hysteria of some environmentalists. Al Gore is seen as the Green Guru of know-nothing celebrities, and we are cautioned about viewing global warming as a faith-based initiative.
  May 2007  American Education: Beyond Frankfurt and Dewey
Traces the European origins of the radical intellectual forces that have impacted American education, the public schools' failure to teach academics, truth and fixed moral laws, while promoting behavioral/psychological techniques and more federal/UN control.
  April 2007  A Tangled Web: Slavery, Genocide and Christianity in Sudan
The tragic neglect by the United Nations and free nations to stop the genocide of the people in Sudan, Africa is documented here. The Sudanese government continues to persecute, enslave and slaughter its own people.
  March 2007  A Geography Lesson: Vladimir Putin's Russia and its Geopolitical Landscape
In 1975 Vladimir Putin was recruited into the KGB; now 30-plus years he continues to control its successor: FSB (Federal Security Service).  Thirteen dead journalists since Putin’s presidency in 2000: Safronov, Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, Khatloni, Klebnikov, and eight more.  No convictions.
  February 2007  An Infirmary of Souls: Cultural Marxism and the Therapeutic State
Contrasts the historical theories of Freudian psychology and political/cultural Marxism with the Church's teaching on sin, conscience and confession; decries our becoming a nation of "victims" in tribes of multi-cultural conflicting groups.
  January 2007  Empires of the Mind: The Continuing Battle Between Faith and Atheism
The giants of athesim are opposed by Papal teaching, especially that of Pope Benedict XVI.
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