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  December 2008 A Sign of Contradiction: The 2008 Election and the Catholic Church in America Cites the divisions among Catholics, especially the powerful Catholic politicians and celebrities, in ignoring their Church’s teachings on the abortion issue; exposes the Kennedy Family as the origin of the Catholic sign of contradiction; Obama’s Catholic success is attributed to the "Seamless garment" legacy of Cardinal Bernardin.
  November 2008 The U.S. Constitution: Battleground for Politicians, Social Engineers and Other Scoundrels Recalls the wisdom of the Founding Fathers struggling to insure the document’s separation of powers and longevity. Draws upon the book "Who Killed the Constitution?" to show the flaws that have enabled progressive forces to ignore, twist and abrogate this amazing work
  October 2008  The Banquet Table of Life: The Historical Fraud of Over-Population Explores the problem of world population vs. world food supplies and resources; traces the influence of the zealous radical population controllers, a mixture of Malthus’ theories, social Darwinism, eugenics, environmentalism and our own government policies
  September 2008 Our Book Olympiad Each year we publish a list of books we recommend for consideration. This year’s list of 19 books might shock and stun you, but we hope will motivate and inspire you. They are categorized under headings of Faith, History, Government and Culture for easy reference.
  August 2008 21st Century Pillars of Fire: Oil and the Geopolitics of the Middle East Traces the importance of lands’ geographic locations in world history and how oil became a political part of the equation. The geopolitics of war and oil dominates American foreign policy; hope is offered for domestic drilling and new technologies.
  July 2008 Pandora’s Closet: Barack Obama amd Black Liberation Theology
… Reviews how the conservative traditions of black communities gave way to the black power movement from which Black Liberation Theology emerged; traces the impact of radical minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Barack Obama and Obama’s strange background and ultra-liberal philosophy.
  June 2008 A Death Wish And The Resurrection Of Western Civilization
… chronicles the loss of traditions, language and faith and the wide-spread ignorance of Judeo-Christian history. Author Dinesh D’Souza shows the link between science and Christianity, the case for Intelligent Design. Pope Benedict offers hope to combat today’s curious mixture of Islam, secular humanism and anti-Christian values.
  May 2008 The Rosary: A Lifeline to Heaven
A Lifeline to Heaven traces the true and conflicted history of the Rosary, dating back to the 1100’s, its role in fighting battles, defeating diseases, overcoming natural disasters and reinvigorating the faith; deeply grounded in Scripture, the Rosary serves as an excellent way to participate in the life of Christ.
  April 2008 Agents of Subversion: How Foundations have Undermined America
A new world order of Foundations, especially the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford Foundations, have been an invisible government attempting to destroy America’s free enterprise system and promote their socialist ideologies in academia, our social culture, and even religion.
  March 2008 The Crowning Heights: The Marxist Drive Toward Socialized Medicine the costs of U.S. healthcare, insurance, and the ideology of those pushing for universal health care; traces the history of liberal fascism in the 19th century Germany up to the present-day push by Marxists-Socialists for absolute control of America’s health coverage.
  February 2008 What's So Great About Christianity?
In a question-and-answer format, author Dinesh D’Souza makes the case for Christianity’s ideas, institutions and values; he explains why the “new” atheists are so militant and how Christians must continue their moral and intellectual defenses.
  January 2008 A Cube of Conflict: Iran, Russia, and the Middle East Puzzle
Recaps the turbulent history of Iran, its present leadership, and the curious blend of Marxism and Islamism among militant groups. Some Western leaders call for war against Iran. Russia continues to supply weapons and nuclear missiles to turn the Muslim world against Israel and the United States.
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