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  December 2009 The Miracle of Guadalupe And The Dark Night of Obama ...Citing our ever-increasing cultural darkness, this dramatic and inspiring account of Our Lady's appearance in the Western Hemisphere provides hope for America, the Church and the World.
  November 2009 The The Shadow Cabinet : Obamas Dance Around the U.S. Constitution ...President Obama's appointment of 30+ czars- their radicalism is clearly documented- has created a shadow cabinet accountable to no one but Obama, and were not properly scrutinized. His continued consolidation of executive power and "dance" around the Constitution should alarm Americans.
  October 2009 The War on Words: The Obama Administration and the Silencing of its Critics ...traces the attempt to censor media back to FDR and how the left succeeded in creating a liberal monopoly; explains the Obama Administration's determination to silence conservative talk radio through Chicago thuggery and the power of the presidency.
  September 2009 Healthy Food For Thought ...Just as important as food for our bodies is food for the mind in the form of great reading. Our annual Recommended Book List (19 reviews) is categorized under headings of Faith, History, Government and Culture for easy reference.
  August 2009 A Spoonful of Sugar: The Socialization of the American Health System ...Our health system is flawed, not broken, can be fixed without the radical socialism of Obamacare; Canada's expensive, over-burdened system not a good model; Obamacare will ration care, include abortion, euthanasia and government in total control, mandates that are virtually hidden in this massive one thousand plus page bill. Churches should be especially concerned over the life issues.
  July 2009 The Green Monster : Socialism and the Environmental Movement ...Cites the political-socialist-neo Marxist theories that have created today's radical environmentalism. Fear mongering, government coercion, junk science and "green" president have propagandized the American people. Several good books with accurate scientific info are recommended.
  June 2009 The Lowest Common Denominator : The Obama Adminstration and its Muscular Socialism …traces the history of creeping socialism under FDR when the Great Depression was prolonged and America was de-railed from free enterprise; President Obama has accelerated socialism, quickly establishing the elements of European-style welfare state
  May 2009 Angels and Demons: A New Cinematic Assault on the Catholic Church Still another anti-Catholic film presented by the "tag team of distortion", producer Ron Howard and author Dan Brown, is dissected. The film's melding of fact and fiction, the historical and scientific inaccuracies, the curious warnings about the Church's involvement in conspiracies and secret societies, all suggest "Stay away from this movie!"
  April 2009 The Magic Dragon: Drug Cartels and the Mexican Border War the historical relationship between the U.S. and Mexico; reveals the shocking rise of organized crime, drug-related gangs and militias looming as a national menace, especially the cartels’ use of U.S. street gangs as dealers and enforcers. The Church’s stand is ambiguous and the effects of border violence on our southwestern states are devastating.
  March 2009 Trouble in Paradise: The Marxist Attacks on Marriage and the Family An exceptionally thorough and concise review of the origins and effects of the relentless attacks upon marriage and family life; points out that married couples don’t realize they are stewards of the cultural inheritance of Western Civilization and deserve cultural, legal, social and medical protection.
  February 2009 Mr. Chips Meets Dr Bill: The War for the Soul of American Higher Education Reviews 40 years of radical leftist educators changing the college campuses into Marxist laboratories of atheism, anti-Americanism and unrestricted relativism; documents the staggering ratio of liberal educators outnumbering conservatives; the virtual secularization of many Catholic colleges is one of the shameful aftermaths.
  January 2009 The Hawaiian Candidate: President Obama and his Curious Association with Radicals Traces the character and conflicted youth of Barack Obama and his political development, especially his Saul Alinsky, Chicago and ACORN connections. Obama’s associations with terrorist Bill Ayers, radicals Louis Farrakan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Muslim Rashid Khaldi are examined.
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