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  December 2010 The First Coming: The True Meaning of Christmas ...a look at the historical and religious background of Christ-Mass, citing the cultural "war on Christmas" which is stripping away the religious foundation of our most beloved holiday. The wisdom of Bishop Fulton Sheen stresses the sharing of the divinity that came to man in Bethlehem and the vital, yet misunderstood, role of Mary as the human vessel for the Son of God
  November 2010 The Apple and the Crescent: The Ground Zero Mosque and the Muslim Mind ...The resurgence of Islam, President Obama's overtures to Muslims, and who and what is behind the controversial plan to erect a mosque and community center at the Twin Towers site in New York City is meticulously detailed in this report. The historical roots of Islam and the cohesion of Islamic politics, religion and military branches are not understood by most Americans.
  October 2010 Would-Be Kings: Obama and the Divine Right of Office ...Is a thought provoking look at the age-old ruling instinct of man. In today's ruling class, Obama and his fellow elitists consider themselves the "best and the brightest", radically changing the perception of equality, plundering the Constitution and establishing vise-like control on the "inferior" and "backward" American citizens.
  September 2010 The Best and the Brightest ...People still read books in this Internet age, especially our well-informed CMF members. Our list of recommended books offers a great selection of reading material, categorized by topic, deserving of your consideration for your edification and gift giving to others.
  August 2010 A Fire in the Theater: Hate Speech, Elena Kagan and the First Amendment ...dissects President Obama's Marxist attack on a major constitutional safeguard for American liberty, freedom of speech.. Political correctness, revolutionary tolerance, and hate speech are powerful tools used to make Americans fearful of what they say, write and think. The new Supreme Court Judge Elena Kagan's leftist mindset and her views on the 1st Amendment portend future worrisome court decisions.
  July 2010 The Mad Hatters: The Tea Party Movement and its Impact on American Politics ...a comparison of the origin and goals of today's Tea Party movement to the historical and revolutionary beginnings of the 1773 Boston Tea Party. The hypocrisy and deceit of present-day political leaders taking from one segment of the population to give to others is morally wrong.
  June 2010 Green Acres: The Leftist Elite and the Arrogance of Power ...connects today's liberal elitism to the heretical roots of gnostism which demotes religion but promotes scientific revolution; with the help of the Obama regime and other elitists, this modern paganism has seeped deeply into American culture.
  May 2010 A House of Games : Obamanomics and the Pillaging of the American Taxpayer ... contrasts the historical successes of limited government, restraint of government regulations and taxation, with the calculated violation of the American economic system under President Obama. The seeds of Obamanomics date back to Obama's mentor, Saul Alinsky.
  April 2010 The Nose of the Camel: Obamacare as a Vehicle for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide ...a frightening look at what's ahead with Obamacare: rationing of care with government as arbiter of senior medical decisions, provisions that could take us down a treacherous path toward government encouraged euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation. Predicted expenditures are astronomical.
  March 2010 Faiths of Our Fathers: Religion and the Presidency from Washington to Obama Citing religions important role in America’s history and character, this excellent report summarizes the nature of our Presidents’ faiths, most of whom embraced some form of Christianity; from Washington’s fervor to Lincoln’s spiritual doubts, the influence of religion has been profound among the Presidents. The debate about deism and freemasonry are explored, as well as the Muslim question concerning Obama.
  February 2010 The Loss of America's Memory: The Marxist Plan to Repudiate American Exceptionalism Questions why there is such ignorance of American history and successful capitalism. Using the weapons of political correctness, multiculturalism and victimhood, the poisonous tenets of cultural Marxism have been absorbed by many churches, businesses and schools, as deconstruction and bashing of American traditions and successes continue.
  January 2010 The Puppet Masters: George Soros and the Obama Administration The meteoric rise of Barack Obama to the pinnacle of political power despite his woeful lack of leadership experience, lends credence to someone pulling strings like a puppeteer. All the signs point to the leftist/atheist George Soros. His background and ties with Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has earned the ruthless Emanuel the title of "The Insider Soros."
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