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  December 2012 A Journey to Sainthood: The Living Legacy of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen …recalls the inspirational and sometimes surprising life of Bishop Sheen who exemplified fervent evangelization of God’s truth through his clear and concise scholarship. But it was from the secular pulpit of radio and TV that he did most for the salvation of souls. Can sainthood be far behind?
  November 2012 Books For the Mind, Heart and Soul Our annual list of recommended reading offers great suggestions for personal edification and gift-giving in categories of faith, history, government and culture.
  October 2012 A Rosebud Moment: The Roots of President Obama's Driving Ambition. This report probes the motivating forces behind Barack Obama's ideology. In addition to the many socialists and radical Marxists who profoundly influenced him, Obama's genetic rage is even more of a factor in his plan for leveling the U.S.
  September 2012 No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom. A question and answer format excerpted from one of our Dangers of Apathy radio interviews with Phyllis Schlafly. Her In-depth responses reveal President Obama’s war on religious freedom. As told in her new book No Higher Power, Obama continues to violate or ignore the U.S. Constitution and is  following Europe in abolishing all public forms and displays of religion.
  August 2012 The Mexican Kulturkampf: The Christeros and the Crusade for the Greater Glory of God. Mexico’s history at the turn of the century was rife with anti-Catholicism. Laws and persecutions were used to make the Church subservient to the then-socialist government. The Christeros’ long fight to regain their Catholic heritage is vividly described.
  July 2012 The Prisoner: The Dry Martydom of Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty: This Report takes us through the many years of hostility to Catholicism in Cardinal Mindszenty’s native country, Hungary. He bravely resisted tyranny, survived his imprisonments, and betrayal by the Vatican, and finally he received legal and moral exoneration.
  June 2012 A Quiet Conspiracy: The Communist Manifesto and the Destruction of America A fresh look at Marx and Engel’s 1848 Communist Manifesto written to replace the old establishment by targeting private property, the Christian religion, and the family. The methodology for achieving their goals is meticulously outlined and draws frightening comparison to today’s problems.
  May 2012 A Beautiful Bouquet: The Catholic Church and the Perennial Need for Prayer Despite the long-time skeptics’ ridicule of the power and efficacy of prayer, this Report examines the history of prayer and why it is essential for salvation and being open to God’s grace.
  April 2012 An Economic Worldview: The Catholic Church and the Invisible Hand Greed is one of the deadly sins; but the media and many liberal politicians claim that all corporations are guilty of corporate greed. This is a misnomer because greed is an individual sin that can only be committed by real people.
  March 2012 The Navigator of History: The Importance of Optimism in a Hostile World The life of Jesus, the saints, the great philosophers, the Church teachings and God’s call are sources of Christian optimism for today’s turbulent times.
  February 2012 The War on American Boys: The Feminist Assault on Males The Report gives evidence that gender reformers, especially radical feminists, view boys and men as the unfairly privileged sex. They force their unproven conclusion on normal boyhood and warp the true nature of boys being boys!
  January 2012 A Lost Paradise: The Decline of Men, Women and Family The connection between fragmentation of the family, our economic collapse, decline of American exceptionalism and class warfare is clearly defined; the Marxist attack on women has resulted in men becoming emotionally crippled and mired in prolonged adolescence, whereas true manhood is based on service to God, country, family and friends.
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