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  December 2013 Messengers of Grace: Saints for Everyday People Today’s Church needs saints whose demeanor, playfulness and deep longing for God will personally inspire not only ordinary Catholics but also all inhabitants of the world.
  November 2013 Ancient Paths: The Guardians of the West's Wisdom and Traditions. G.K. Chesterton energized Western Civilizations with their appeals to conservative values which resonate in 21st-century America
  October 2013 The House of Obama: Washington and the Transformation of America. An exploration and analysis of the practical realities and intended consequences of President Obama’s constitutional, social and economic policies that will inevitably lead to the decline of America’s paramount position among the nations of the world if left unchecked.
  September 2013 A Banquet forThought. While chain bookstores vanish from the earth, good books multiply like the fishes and loaves in Matthew’s Gospel. The September issue features a veritable banquet of books of commentary, criticism, analyses and personal triumph for the voracious reader and the quiet reflector.
  August 2013 D. C. Confidential: Washington Scandals From Grant to Obama Scandal is nothing new in D. C. Of special interest is the triad of executive malfeasance with regard to the Benghazi assassinations, the IRS's intimidation of conservative groups and the Justice Department abuse of news sources.
  July 2013 A Papal Paradox: Pope Francis and Liberation Theology. Liberal Theology has falsely hidden its Marxist agenda in the poverty of the world’s poor. Its advocates have erroneously adopted Pope Francis for their cause. This issue details why this could never be true.
  June 2013 A Collapsible Tent: The Republican Roosevelt and Progressive Reform A disturbing analysis of the traces the intellectual lineage of the Republican establishment that dates back to the Republican Roosevelt. Since then his RINOS have undermined most conservative attempts to restore the culture, return the country to economic solvency and re-establish the constitutional government.
  May 2013 Enemies of the Cross: The Battle Between the City of God and the City of Man A warning from St. Paul unsettles the Church 2000 years later. From Nero through Niccolo Machiavelli to Saul Alinsky the enemies of the cross have been legion. The battle continues to rage between the City of God and the City of Man.
  April 2013 Death by Government: China and its Great Leap Forward, 1958-62 an eye-opening account of brutality, torture, terror and mass murders by governments including the Ukraine, Tibet, Cambodia and the Holocaust, but focuses on China under Chairman Mao. With flowery names of communist deadly reforms, the Chinese people were stripped of their traditions, family structure and economic livelihoods. As One World governance and universal green energy policies expand America should beware.
  March 2013 The Long Blue Line: The Politics of Abortion and the Komen Foundation an eye-opening history of Planned Parenthood and its radical founder, Margaret Sanger who declared charity for the poor to be “a moral evil” and embraced eugenics and racism in attempt to create “a race of thoroughbreds”. The report traces the link between Planned Parenthood and abortion, breast cancer and the Susan G. Komen Foundation
  February 2013 The Last Man Standing: Vladimir Putin, Russia and its White Revolution a penetrating look at Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, his communist and KGB background, as well as his personal life; with social upheaval and stagnant economy challenging Putin’s authoritarian regime, he proclaims the rise of a new Russia with imperial overtones.
  January 2013 Stalin’s Killing Fields: The Soviet Union and the Katyn Forest Massacre a review of one of the biggest World War II cover-ups, the Katyn Forest Massacre where over 4,000 Polish soldiers, officers and civilians were brutally murdered by the Soviets. This shameful act was protected by Churchill and Roosevelt with a strategy of silence.
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