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  December 2014 Engineering Babies: Surrogate Motherhood Undermines the Nuclear Family The growing practice of renting poor women’s wombs violates Catholic doctrine of the family and often deprives the child of a mother’s love.
  November 2014 A Grisly Harvest in China: Religious Persecution Persists Amid Reports of Sales of Prisoners’ Organs While leaders in the United States and Western Europe rightfully denounce human violations in the Middle East and Africa, they turn a blind eye to China...
  October 2014 The Catholic Church and the Immigration Crisis: Good Intentions, Troubling Consequences The immigration crisis became all too visible this summer with the flood of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S. southern border.
  September 2014 Some Good News about Today’s Youth We hear so much discouraging news about today’s youth that it’s worth pausing a moment to look at some of the good news that is beginning to leak out.
  August 2014 British Jihadists: What the West Should Fear The failure of multiculturalism in the West is leading to more home-grown terrorists.
  July 2014 Cuba's War on Women Mirrors a Wider War on Human Rights Cuba's female prisoners are systematically beaten, tortured and starved.
  June 2014 Obamacare's Collision with Religious Liberty Obamacare extended centralized power in an unprecedented way.
  May 2014 North Korea: Communism at Its Worst. United Nations body shines a light on the murderous Communist North Korea regime.
  April 2014 Ancient Christian Communities Endure Terrorism in Egypt While the world has been focused on the Russian takeover of Crimea, radical Muslims continue to wage war on the Christians in Egypt.
  March 2014 The Disgrace of American Universities Across the country, American college and university students who express their Christian faith have come under attack and discrimination for expressing their beliefs.
  February 2014 The Godless Left and Social Justice Barack Obama promised transformation that went beyond the United States, or any single nation, to global change. Underlying his faith in transformation, Obama uses a secular rhetoric of “social justice.
  January 2014 The War Against Christians in Africa On September 21, 2013 a shocked world watched as Islamic gunmen attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya targeting Christians, Westerners, and Muslims who were seen as not true-believers.
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