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  December 2015 DO RELIGIOUS VOTERS STILL MATTER? Emphatically yes, especially in Republican primaries, but they are declining as a share of the U.S. electorate. To win, Republican candidates need to appeal to voters based on economic and national security issues and not only social issues.
  November 2015 POPE FRANCIS, CAPITALISM AND SOCIAL JUSTICE. Our Argentine pope's focus on helping the poor is admirable, but his sharp criticism of capitalism indicates a limited understanding of the power of free markets to lift people out of poverty.
  October 2015 A NEW CRACKDOWN ON CHINESE CHRISTIANS Chinese Communist government leaders, long deeply suspicious of Christianity and other religions, have ordered the destruction of more than 400 church crosses and the demolition of more than 60 Christian churches in 2014 and 2015. Catholic and Protestant clergy and worshippers in China have strongly protested. Despite the history of persecution, there appear to be more Christians than Communist Party members in China.
  September 2015 RACE AND THE CULTURE OF DEATH: VIDEOS REVEAL THE DARK UNDERBELLY OF THE ABORTION INDUSTRY Recent undercover videos of Planned Parenthood activities in selling baby parts reveal the dark underbelly of the abortion industry, which has unsavory roots in eugenic ideology.
  August 2015 PUTINISM AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER Under its authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin, Russia has left communism behind in favor of an anti-American, anti-democratic nationalism allied with the Russian Orthodox Church. The nuclear-armed Russia continues to pose a threat to its European neighbors and to its internal dissidents.
  July 2015 WHAT'S WRONG WITH TODAY'S UNIVERSITIES? U.S. higher education engages in Orwellian speech control to promote left-wing ideology. Meanwhile, college costs and student debt burdens have soared, and international test scores show American students lagging behind their peers in other countries. Donors should demand better results for their money.
  June 2015 STEADY PROGRESS IN COUNTERING THE EVIL OF ABORTION Valiant work by pro-life activists, advances in medical imaging of unborn babies, and incremental legislation in the last few years have changed public attitudes toward abortion in the U.S. The falling abortion rate, shifts in poll numbers, and passage of hundreds of carefully targeted bills should give hope to pro-lifers.
As marriage rates plummet among the less affluent, religious renewal is needed to support a marriage culture and improve the lives of poor families.
  April 2015 CARDINAL MINDSZENTY: A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS. Mindszenty's death is a fitting time to recall his inspiring example of resistance to the tyrannies of communism and fascism.
  March 2015 IDEOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF ISLAMIC EXTREMISM: Understanding the fanatical rhetoric that inspires today's terrorists is the first step toward opposing their militant drive for global domination.
  February 2015 THE BIGGEST THREAT TO CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY: FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY The ever-increasing reach of the federal executive branch, from lawless presidential executive orders to out-of-control regulatory agencies, violates the American constitutional separation of powers.
  January 2015 FERGUSON AND THE RULE OF LAW: RHETORIC OF RACIAL DIVISION FOMENTS VIOLENCE Irresponsible reporting of deaths of men resisting arrest undermines policing and leads to more crime.
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