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  December 2016 CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY TO REPUBLICANS Exit polls show that Donald Trump's upset victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign happened with the help of Catholic voters as well as non-college-educated whites in several crucial states.
  November 2016 WHY FAMILY MATTERS: JUST LOOK AT OUR HIGH SCHOOLS New research underscores the profound impact of family structure on school performance. Having married parents is a better predictor of graduating from high school than income or race.
  October 2016 GEORGE SOROS AND WORLD DISORDER One of the world's richest men has chosen to use his wealth to fund a vast network of left-wing groups hostile to law enforcement, capitalism, immigration controls, counterterrorism and the right to be born.
  September 2016 BLACK LIVES MATTER: REVOLUTIONARIES, NOT REFORMERS. The BLM movement started as a response to alleged (and often disproved) police brutality toward blacks, and has morphed into a well-funded radical group whose founders draw inspiration from a notorious 1970s revolutionary and murderer.
  August 2016 PUBLIC DEBT AND MORAL BANKRUPTCY Politicians acceding to left-wing agitation and public sector unions have saddled the U.S. national, state and local governments with crushing long-term financial obligations in the form of public debt, unsustainable entitlement promises and unfunded pension plans.
  July 2016 VENEZUELA: THE TRAGEDY OF SOCIALISM. Heartbreaking stories of hunger, looting, and babies dying in hospitals without electricity are emerging from the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, now a failed state due to socialist policies.
  June 2016 HOW SCIENTIFIC DISHONESTY AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS COST WOMEN'S LIVES. Facts about abortion and the Pill raising the risk of breast cancer have been concealed from women and their physicians.
  May 2016 RECLAIMING CHRISTIAN HUMAN RIGHTS The left has appropriated the language of human rights for its own purposes, including the supposed right of men to use women's restrooms and the right to force bakers to make cakes for same-sex wedding receptions. But Christian thinkers throughout history have supplied a deeper theory of human rights, which was revitalized in the fight against communism and fascism in the 20th century and deserves attention in today's religious liberty battles.
  April 2016 THE RISE AND ECLIPSE OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN AMERICA. Toleration hard-earned over centuries is threatened by new 'rights' colliding with Christian beliefs. The ACLU is on the forefront, now opposing even the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which it once supported.
  March 2016 THE ASCENDANCY OF RADICAL SOCIALISM. Sen. Bernie Sanders, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and various city council members illustrate the alarming ability of true socialists to attract votes despite a century of socialist failures around the world.
  February 2016 AMERICA: STILL A GREAT NATION. Domestic and foreign policy failures under President Obama should not blind us to what is still exceptional about the U.S.
  January 2016 LESSONS ISIS IS TEACHING US THE HARD WAY. Recent Islamic State-affiliated terrorist attacks in Paris and California underscore the critical need for stricter immigration rules and education about the emergence of the terror network.
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