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  August 2017 PREVENTING NUCLEAR WAR IN A NUCLEAR WORLD. Requires Acrobat Reader The 50th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the failures of former President Obama's strategic policies, remind us that the best policy is peace through strength.
  July 2017 AMERICAN PATRIOTISM DIVIDED. Requires Acrobat Reader Liberals and young adults report less national pride in recent national surveys, pointing to the importance of restoring civics education.
  June 2017 AS THE LEFT FIDDLES, NORTH KOREA GOES NUCLEAR. Requires Acrobat Reader North Korea's murderous communist regime continues to make advances in nuclear weaponry that threaten the United States, South Korea and Japan.
  May 2017 LEFT-WING AUTHORITARIANISM: AN OLD TYRANNY IN NEW CLOTHES. Requires Acrobat Reader Violent mobs have shut down right-wing speakers on several campuses in early 2017, extending a long history of leftist intolerance for those who disagree with them. We must demand better from our universities.
  April 2017 THE CHURCH, POPE FRANCIS AND POPULATION CONTROL. Requires Acrobat Reader Paul Ehrlich's February appearance at a Vatican-approved conference bolstered perceptions that the pope is in league with radical environmentalists as well as anti-capitalists.
  March 2017 FAKE MORALITY: THE UNITED NATIONS VS. ISRAEL. Requires Acrobat Reader In his final month in office, President Obama slapped Israel in the UN, adding to the latter's sordid history of moral failures and abetting anti-Israel activism on U.S. campuses.
  February 2017 POLITICS AND THE QUICKSAND OF POPULAR CULTURE. Requires Acrobat Reader U.S. Republicans' electoral gains in November 2016 do not change the need for vigilance about the left's iron grip on TV, film and music, which influence the young who are future voters.
  January 2017 TARGET: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Requires Acrobat Reader Social justice warriors operating both inside and outside of the Church seek to push it leftward.
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