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  December 2018 WHAT TO MAKE OF THE 2018 ELECTIONS. A combination of big campaign contributions, suburban college-educated women voters, and candidates projecting a moderate image helped turn many Congressional seats Democratic, creating new challenges to Republicans for the 2020 presidential election.
  November 2018 CHINA + GOOGLE = A NEW ORWELLIAN STATE. Google's plan to return to the Chinese market by complying with China's demands for new tools for censorship and blacklisting of dissidents gives the lie to the corporate motto of "Don't be evil."
  October 2018 THE CRISIS IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE NEED FOR ACTION BY THE LAITY. Widespread sex scandals in the Church over many decades implicate bishops, the Vatican and even the pope in the problems or the cover-ups. If the clergy will not police themselves, the laity will need to step up and demand change.
  September 2018 SHOULD COLLEGE BE FREE? No, but colleges should be held accountable for the ever-increasing cost of a college education and the untenable burdens of debt they place on students.
  August 2018 NICARAGUA: A MARXIST LESSON REPEATED. Bloody crackdowns by dictator Daniel Ortega in the U.S.'s backyard illustrate the ruthlessness of socialist regimes.
  July 2018 SCHOOLS IN CHAOS. For decades "disparate impact" legal theory has advanced the notion that race discrimination may be inferred from statistical outcomes.The Obama administration used this theory as a sword to slash public school disciplinary measures, leading to increased violent behavior and setting the stage for recent shocking school murders.
  June 2018 THE TRANSGENDERING OF SEX EDUCATION. Transgender activists, not content with expanding legal rights as detailed in the May Mindszenty Report, are promoting their ideology in the earliest grades of U.S. public elementary schools, with the help of generous corporate funding.
  May 2018 TRANSGENDERED: WHEN RIGHTS BECOME SOLIPSISTIC. Using the heavy hand of government to enforce rights based on personal feelings is a dangerous precedent. The rapid development of transgender rights bodes ill for freedom of speech, religious expression and educational trends.
  April 2018 IMMIGRATION AND THE RISE OF THE EUROPEAN RIGHT. Well-meaning leaders urging European citizens to embrace a flood of immigrants -- including Pope Francis -- have provoked a voter backlash. Populist, immigration-restrictionist parties recently gained ground in several countries, forcing establishment politicians to change their tune.
  March 2018 THE EROSION OF CHURCH AUTHORITY: The Vatican's Ominous Negotiations with Communist China.
  February 2018 THE DEATH OF EUROPE? Mass migration of non-Westerners is straining Western values.
  January 2018 THE DARK HISTORY OF COMMUNISM. Polls showing distressingly positive attitudes toward socialism in the U.S. should be a wakeup call about the dire need for education about the disastrous history of communism and socialism, including nearly 100 million deaths.
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