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  March 2019 VENERABLE JOSEPH CARDINAL MINDSZENTY! A papal decree recognizes Cardinal Mindszenty's "heroic virtue," qualifying him for the title of "Venerable," the first important step toward beatification in the Catholic Church. CHINA: THE BRAVE NEW WORLD. The combination of Chinese cyber espionage, intellectual property theft, surveillance capabilities and human rights violations present a huge challenge to the West.
  February 2019 HOW RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE CAME TO AMERICA. The anti-Catholic prejudice shown by Democratic senators toward President Trump's judicial nominees shows an alarming ignorance of the importance of religious toleration to American exceptionalism.
  January 2019 WHAT'S UP WITH THE SUBURBS AND REPUBLICANS? Further analysis of the U.S. November 2018 elections reveals that Republican candidates have a growing problem in large-city suburbs, where they lost ground with both male and female voters. Capitulating on social issues is not the solution.
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