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  December 2019 BIOENGINEERING BABIES: THE SPREADING SIN OF SURROGACY. The decadent practices of purchasing women's eggs and paying women to gestate human embryos are medically risky and violate the human rights of children and women. Many countries and three U.S. states appropriately ban commercial surrogacy, but a growing number of U.S. jurisdictions provide a safe haven for this lucrative see-no-evil industry.
  November 2019 PROGRESSIVE PROSECUTORS ARE DAMAGING LAW ENFORCEMENT. Numerous social justice warriors have been elected district attorney in large cities across the U.S., often with financial backing from George Soros. Their agenda: more lenient treatment of criminals. The consequences are predictable.
  October 2019 THE LEFT'S LATEST PLOY FOR POWER: ENDING THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. The fashionable view that the Electoral College had racist origins is wrong about history, and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact to circumvent the Electoral College is a bad and anti-constitutional idea.
  September 2019 NATIONALISM, POLITICS AND CHRISTIANITY. Attempts to blame President Trump for mass shootings or killers motivated by "white nationalism" are reprehensible. There is nothing wrong with nationalism per se, as long as the God-given dignity of all humans is recognized.
  August 2019 ABORTION-ON-HYPERDRIVE. U.S. Democratic politicians are speeding toward extreme positions in favor of abortion anytime up to (or even after?) birth, funded by taxpayers. Nine state legislatures have responded with more restrictive laws, which will be tested in court, and the Trump administration has taken a number of pro-life actions.
  July 2019 IRAN: A DANGEROUS REGIME IN CRISIS. U.S. sanctions are getting Iran's attention. Economic pressure is appropriate against a saber-rattling sponsor of international terrorism that seeks nuclear weapons.
  June 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE INFORMATION AGE. Big data collection brings benefits but allows manipulation and raises real issues of privacy.
  May 2019 THE MYTH OF THE INCARCERATED NATION. The movement to reduce U.S. incarceration scored a victory with the First Step Act signed by President Trump, but caution is in order before allowing large numbers of violent criminals to go free. Recidivism rates are appalling, and no one should want to reverse the success of the system in reducing the high crime rates of a generation ago.
  April 2019 ENGINEERING THE NEW HUMAN. A Chinese scientist's unsettling experiment in altering the genes of twin girl embryos, who have since been born, has caused soul-searching in the international genetic research community.
  March 2019 VENERABLE JOSEPH CARDINAL MINDSZENTY! A papal decree recognizes Cardinal Mindszenty's "heroic virtue," qualifying him for the title of "Venerable," the first important step toward beatification in the Catholic Church. CHINA: THE BRAVE NEW WORLD. The combination of Chinese cyber espionage, intellectual property theft, surveillance capabilities and human rights violations present a huge challenge to the West.
  February 2019 HOW RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE CAME TO AMERICA. The anti-Catholic prejudice shown by Democratic senators toward President Trump's judicial nominees shows an alarming ignorance of the importance of religious toleration to American exceptionalism.
  January 2019 WHAT'S UP WITH THE SUBURBS AND REPUBLICANS? Further analysis of the U.S. November 2018 elections reveals that Republican candidates have a growing problem in large-city suburbs, where they lost ground with both male and female voters. Capitulating on social issues is not the solution.
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