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  October 2020 A GUIDE TO ISSUES IN THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. The two candidates present a stark contrast on every issue.
  September 2020 WHAT CATHOLIC CHILDREN SHOULD BE TAUGHT. Catholic schools should teach children the inspiring stories of 20th-century martyrs, who outnumbered those of any previous century. Their courage and fortitude should not be forgotten.
  August 2020 CONFRONTING REVOLUTIONARIES. As anti-government radicals continue their often-violent, destructive protests in U.S. cities, they demonstrate far more kinship with post-Enlightenment revolutionaries than with the American Founders. Black Lives Matters' Marxist, anti-police origins have not stopped large corporations and foundations from shoveling large sums of money at the movement. Concerned citizens can push back.
  July 2020 WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA TODAY? Widespread May-June riots in big cities in response to officer-involved deaths of black criminal suspects are stoked by a false narrative about "systemic racism" and an ongoing left-wing takeover of the culture. Protesters' goals of "defunding the police" and ending capitalism must be resisted.
  June 2020 CHINA AND COVID-19: LESSONS. China's disastrous lies and cruel suppression of whistleblowers during the pandemic warrant pushback by the U.S.
  May 2020 THE PERENNIAL VIRUS OF POLITICAL CORRUPTION. Long before the recent pork-laden U.S. spending bills to prop up the economy paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, corruption has eaten away at the body politic. Revelations of enrichment of current politicians and/or their family members through public office should shock us, though they might not shock the Founders.
  April 2020 CAN HIGHER EDUCATION BE REFORMED? U.S. colleges and universities are in the grip of radical professors and administrators with little tolerance for intellectual diversity. Pressure to improve can and sometimes does come from parents, donors, legislators and boards of trustees.
  March 2020 CHINA: A SICK NATION. Not only is China sick with the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus; it is culturally sick with intensifying repression of Christians, Muslims and Buddhists. Persecution of Catholics has worsened since the China's 2018 secret accord with the Vatican.
  February 2020 THE TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC REVIVAL IN BRAZIL. A Brazilian journalism student offers an inspiring report on the renewal of traditional Catholicism in Brazil, aided by some dedicated priests and many new lay-founded Catholic cultural centers.
  January 2020 SOCIAL CONSERVATISM, MILLENNIALS, AND THE FUTURE. Surveys show worrying declines in the value placed by young people on patriotism, family and religion. Yet the U.S. has had a long history of religious revivals, and young Millennial Christians tend to be even more socially conservative than the older religious generation.
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