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  July 2021 RACIAL INDOCTRINATION AND PARENTAL BACKLASH. Parents across the U.S. are rebelling against the toxic spread in schools of "critical race theory" and other so-called "anti-racist" programs.
  June 2021 THE SPIRITUAL PATH OF BLESSED KARL. Two special guests describe the faithful life and cause for canonization of the last emperor of Austria and king of Hungary, whom Venerable Joseph Mindszenty considered a saint.
  May 2021 THE NORMALIZATION OF BIG LIES IN POLITICS. Shameless lies by politicians and their media enablers are a worsening problem, as indicated by a few recent examples.
  April 2021 THE CHURCH AND THE CULT OF XI JINPING. The Vatican will no longer exert any control over the appointment of Catholic bishops in China, which is increasingly using totalitarian methods to require fealty to President Xi and communism from China's 100 million Christians as well as members of other religions.
  March 2021 BIDEN, TRANSGENDERISM, WOMEN'S SPORTS AND MORAL ORDER. President Biden's full-throated promotion of transgender rights at the federal level spells trouble for girls' sports and female-only facilities. He should expect a backlash from outraged parents of daughters.
  February 2021 POPE FRANCIS AND THE CATHOLIC WORLD ORDER. His third encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, expresses a sincere concern for the poor in language that frequently sounds hostile to capitalism and private property.
  January 2021 PANDEMIC AND THE WAR ON CHURCHES. Restrictive and discriminatory public health orders by governors of New York, California, Nevada and other states made it hard for churches and synagogues to function during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the confirmation of Justice Barrett to the Supreme Court, religious institutions are belatedly obtaining relief in court.
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