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Handbook for Today's Catholic

Liguori Publications. Liguori, MO.

The Handbook presents the most basic Catholic beliefs practices and prayers. Fully indexed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the official truths that Catholics believe. A valuable summary for everyone. Book - Cost: $6.00


Against All Hope,
Armando Valladares, Encounter Books, San Franciso, CA. 
This book is an event of considerable cultural and political significance; the most detailed and irrefutable description yet published of the suffering engendered in Cuba by Communism and Fidel Castro.

Book - Cost: $20.00

Surrender to Secularism
Most Rev. Cuthbert M. O'Gara, C.P., D.D.

An excellent summary of why God is being rejected in our time. The communications media, writes Bishop O'Gara, carry a message of raw materialism. Fixed moral laws are scorned, the human person is degraded; and the "fall out" from corrupted institutions of learning flows  across our nation.

Booklet - Cost: $4.00

Cardinal Mindszenty 50th Anniversary

Booklet -

Pope John Paul II's Encyclical Letter: The Splendor of Truth,  Pauline Books, Boston, MA. The encyclical covers the principles of Christian morality. The Pope deals with modern attacks on morality such as relativism, proportionalism, and consequentialism. Book - Cost: $9.00

Stem Cell Research, Cloning & Human Embryos,  Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk , priest/neuroscientist. Distributed by the Family Research Council.  It is a great resource to understand the moral dilemma of stem cell research.  Fr. Pacholczyk presents the medical and ethical facts clearly and thoroughly with a final preference for adult stem cells. Booklet - Cost. $1.50

The Truth & Meaning of Human Sexuality
Issued by The Pontifical Council For The Family. The Wanderer Press and Human Life International, 1996. Includes commentaries by Cardinal Lopez Trujillo and Msgr. John F. McCarthy. Book - Cost: $8.00

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Handbook for Today's Catholic


B   ______  Against All Hope  $20.00 



Pope Pius XI's Encyclical Letter: Atheistic Communism Divini Redemptoris




Cardinal Mindszenty Booklet




Surrender to Secularism




Pope John Paul II's Encyclical Letter: The Splendor of Truth




Stem Cell Research, Cloning & Human Embryos




The Truth & Meaning of Human Sexuality





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